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Welcome to Newtech Software Private Limited

Newtech software (P) Ltd; was founded in May 2000 in Bangalore, the IT capital of India by a group of people lead by an Internationally well known computer technologist who has wide experience in India; Silicon Valley, USA’ and Germany. He intends to transform his great vision of making computer and computing help people as individuals, corporate, and manufacturing industries to increase their productivity easily and economically.

Newtech software is being steered and supported by young, energetic and bright IT managers and administrative staff. The team sprit, innovative approaches of these managers help building new strategies and approaches. A panel of consultants, internationally acclaimed in their respective fields, guides the entire team technically morally.

Newtech software offers clients innovative approaches to enhance and optimize the major business processes by IT, enabling them leaving the client to concentrate on their core activities by way of offshore development and/or on-site development.

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